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Usage of mobile internet in pair with demand for mature mobile web developers is growing constantly. Smartphone’s have become much more widespread which means the web presence of your business has to be thoroughly expanded and give the users an opportunity to access your website, online store or social app through any device and browser. At ColourGrapes we are very familiar with the peculiarities of mobile web application development, user experience (UX) design, and especially, with all challenges of UI implementation (the difference in screen size of PC and a phone; incompatibility of the format and layouts of information available on the Internet with mobile devices and etc.).
We are able to provide compatible mobile web applications which will be displayed properly on all required smart phones, tablets and browsers. Our Quality Assurance process implies various levels of testing on different devices, emulators and configurations.
All this allows a significant reduction of both the costs and time required to launch in the market.
Our mobile web development solutions include:
  • Mobile commerce
  • Adaptation of websites for mobile users
  • HTML5 mobile application development for entertainment industry
  • Social networking and community site implementation
  • Business apps
  • Mobile news apps

The major advantages of mobile website development services we provide:

  • Compatibility with most popular platforms and devices
  • A single development for all platforms which reduces time and cost for product creation
  • We adhere to best practices and standard in mobile web solutions development and follow HTML5 standards
  • We have innovative approach which assumes analysis and consultancy on project implementation

ColourGrapes provides custom mobile web app development services to allow our clients expand their positions and products to active mobile web users.

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