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Technology has redefined the user-organization interaction mechanism. Every organization aims at offering integrated web based portal application solution for supporting deliveries of information and services to form a convenient, effective and unified system.
ColourGrapes is more successful in offering business web portals to facilitate interaction, data capture, reporting and much more. Capitalizing on its strengths at web design, ColourGrapes has been making its mark in portal development too. By the very definition of a portal, it is evident that a portal needs to give every user a personalized, unique web page.
The designers and web developers at ColourGrapes strive to create portals (for their customers) which are driven by dynamic end user requirements, personalized look and feel and above all, security and privacy needs.
A wide variety of web portal is developed by ColourGrapes i.e., 
  • Enterprise web portal development
  • Community web portal development
  • Enterprise web portal development
Portal developer really assists the Client to coordinate easily with the company. At the same time this enterprise web portal development helps to achieve the client's target.
Community web portal development:-
Community internet Portal area where developed by our in house economically with the fully fledged technical team and make sure that the client area unit ready to act effectively with customers. These community web portals can jointly make sure the translation of interaction into effective e-commerce. We provide the event of those exclusive internet portals on the premise of its demand as in broad base, vertical or horizontal.
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