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As a part of your overall strategy, your website which apparently ought to be the window to showcase your business, is the most important element in your business. It needs experts to work on it. It needs those artistic touches only the bets in the industry can provide the web designer has to start somewhere and design a set of pages, all linked to each other and then linked to other pages outside the website.

Then he or she has to fit the relevant content, powerful words, pictures, and graphics that communicate your value to your customers.

A web designer has to mesh these critical elements together. He or She should make sure that the web sites appeal to the customers. He or she is responsible for choosing colors, codes, and themes. A web designer also checks whether the site is capable of being browsed on miniature computing devices.

How about navigation? Ease in finding information on your site? Can the site visitor find his or her information on the site in less than 3 clicks? A web designer also decides where to fit in advertising and whether to use XML or html.

With a steady influx of new browsers like Safari, Opera, and Firefox, it is the responsibility of a designer to make sure that his or her site can ride through this tide. Content should also be accessible to disabled users. The site should also be created as user friendly as possible.

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